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    The guys over at TechKnowConnect are fabalous, I was having sooo many problems with my laptop, I thought it would cost a fortune to fix, but it only cost me $99. Now my computer is running better than it ever did. Thanks guys! quoteafter

    - Veronica
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    Just wanted to say thanks to Joe and Chris for such awesome work. They made our company site better than ever. I was completely impressed with their work and ability to handle every aspect of my vision for my company. Our company will continue to grow with the TechKnow Connect family. Best wishes from Frisco Moving Systems! quoteafter

    Owner, Frisco Moving Systems Corporation
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    Very nice, very professional. TechKnow Connect removed a bunch of viruses or trojans or whatever in no time. Only charged me $100 and included OS repair an optimization to make my laptop run faster. Next time I'll have a bunch of computer repairs for them to do since they'll never charge me more than $100 for labor. quoteafter

    - Josh

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Computer Repair Service - Little Elm, TX & Frisco, TX

Computer and technology problems can be a nightmare. That nightmare will become worse if you're not careful in choosing a computer repair company. TechKnow Connect is a computer repair company that will never mislead about any issues your computer has or any computer repair service you may need. Instead, we pride ourselves in finding ways to communicate in plain english what your computer needs. While our typical turn-around is approximately 24 hours, we take our time with your computer repair needs to make sure all issues are brought to your attention or resolved, even computer problems you may not have been aware of - which is not a sales tactic, it's honesty.

A wide range of computer repair services for in-store or in-home. Visit our computer repair section for more information on what kind of problems your computer may be having and what we can do to help you. While the list of services may not include everything, there is no computer repair need that we can't address for you. Simply put, when it comes to computer repair there is no computer issue that we haven't seen before.

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Small to medium business needs can be very different compared to a normal user. Finances, customer information, employee information are just a few of many things that a business needs at their finger tips at all times. With fewer companies using paper to track it all, having an information technology (IT) service a phone call away could save your company time and money.

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The internet has become the nerve center for the global economy. Without a website, your potential clients cannot find you as easily. Furthermore, it's very difficult to create and maintain a web presence that will set you and your services apart from your competitors. A combination of professional web design and search engine optimization (SEO) is vital in reaching distinction and a broad client base.

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Is Your Credit Card Data Safe?

There are over 70 billion credit and debit card transactions annually in America (source: 2013 Federal Reserve Payments Study).  The use of credit and debit cards has climbed steadily over the last decade and has increased at a faster rate over the last three years.  Still, there is a nagging question in consumer’s minds: is my credit card information safe? Businesses small and large that accept credit cards as payment have to comply with PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards).  PCI-DSS is an independent organization that outlines standards for any type of system that stores or transmits credit card data.  It covers network security, programming, data encryption and personnel access to these systems.  These standards are detailed and rigorous.  PCI-DSS audits, like financial audits, … Continue reading

Back-up today or pay me later!

At TechKnow Connect, we do twice as many hard drive replacements as any other  service we offer.  If you think about it, the hard drive is the only mechanical part left in today’s computer, not counting the fans; everything else is purely electronic.  The other hardware repairs we see: screen replacements, dc jack repair, are mostly due to damage or hard use. It goes without saying losing your hard drive can be the most traumatic.  Family pictures, music and movie investments, your kid’s homework, are all saved on your hard drive.  If you lose that, you lose everything!  While it doesn’t happen very often, there are times we cannot save your data from a failed hard drive.  Without fail, when we tell a customer we … Continue reading